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4 Seasons Services is a locally owned and operated business servicing the New York, New Jersey, 
Connecticut area, as well as Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Call for a location near you..

Please read this before you move on...

Dear valued prospect....

First thing..  Thank you!..  We really do want to help bring your floors back to the condition you and your family dreamed of when you decided to hire a contractor.   And have no doubt..  We can do the job right.  But PLEASE..!  Remember why you came to us...

 If you are a referral, you can click here and follow the link into the site.  But if you are a newcomer, please read on.....

We are legitimate professionals.  Our crews are trained and tested craftsmen!  I don't care what color, religion or country of origin.  I don't care if they are covered with tattoo's or speak with a strange accent and frankly neither should you. So long as they can do the work.  And yes, all our techs speak English.  If you are worried about such things, and rather pay 3 times more to see a white tech in a suit, I don't need the hassle.....  Please call someone else.

The reason we can get the job done right for 1/3rd of what our fancy competitors charge is no secret.  We do more jobs and work on a lower profit margin. As a result, we can not, and will not begin work without a clear, complete and through estimate AND  A pre negotiated deposit. 

We can not afford to linger on any particular job without a really good reason. Also, we can not afford to "hold-hand" you through the entire process.  Have a little faith... Time is money, and with our tight margins, our experience tell us that the job goes smoother and stress free for both customer AND contractor when everyone is clear about the work.  You will know exactly what to expect from us and how much before we begin.  If you need something explained, don't wait till the job has begun.  Clarity will set you free from concern.  Then all you need to do is sit back and lets us do the work...

Be reasonable....  We pride ourselves on our ability to get the work done on time.  But, for God's sake, if we get behind schedule for some reason, don't go nuts!  If a problem comes up during the job, we will work with you to resolve it.  We are not crooks, just hard working craftsmen and women tiring to make an honest living.  On the other hand, don't be nickel and diming us at the end of the work. If a new need comes up during the job, let us know and we will look it over and quote you a fair price.  You will be getting quality work for a GREAT price.  Don't embarrass yourself by constantly whining for more freebee's.

Finally, I am a businessman.  My decision to offer a better price than my competitors is based upon my knowledge that a better price will  attract a higher volume of customers.  No one wants to cheat you, or use inferior products and materials of provide shoddy workmanship.  Have a little faith!

If this letter turns you away from us, so be it.  But I am telling you with Peace and Love that life is short and I'm getting older and would rather deal with customers that will appreciate the value using 4 Seasons for their floors.


Kenwyn A. Thomas

Owner - The Best Cleaning Business in Town and Hardwood Floors.



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